The Roots of Artistry

I’ve been going through different “reincarnations” of myself ever since I started this musical journey. Really, the same could be said about any journey. And since life is a journey, the same could be said about life! So what stays at the core throughout your “reincarnations” of yourself? Is that something you even have control over? Perhaps not, and thank god for that! Perhaps there is something about us all that is immovable, and transcendent of the experiences that shape us. This is one of the things music and artistry has taught me - you always have to be true to your roots, and you have to fight to keep those roots alive and replenished. The rogue winds of life and unpredictable chaos of existence will inevitably sway you back and forth, and you must decide to stay put… Of course this is not to say you should resist change, for change is always happening around you. But, if you don’t have some kind of firm, un-comprimised grasp on your true self, the world will only shape you into what it wants you to be.

Lately I’m finding myself pulled back toward my roots as an artist. That raw, pure energy of creation that is ever so illusive and yet so essential to stay sane as a creator. It cannot be tainted by that which you THINK will make people like you or respect you as a “sophisticated” artist. Yet I’ve felt the pressure to do so over and over again. That which you experience in life will become your art, and that which you create with your art will become your life. That relationship has to stay honest, and free of manipulation. Just as you cannot change a person to better suit your idea of them… That person is a moving and changing life force, which cannot be changed unwillingly by external forces: just like your art.

It’s difficult to shed the expectations and judgement of others, but perhaps it is not meant to be an easy task. As I move forward with my creations I am going to strive to keep the thread between myself and my expression of life within me non-confined in hopes that it will produce something of substance for others, with the very short time I have to do so…

Morgan Thomas