Guitar Lessons

Morgan Thomas began teaching at the age of 16, starting out as an assistant to Dave Banner, head teacher and owner of Hot Rock Productions. After a few years of apprenticeship and training, he moved on to become a full-time guitar teacher at Bravo Arts Academy, in Ogden Utah. During his time at Bravo, he taught over 100 students of all ages, skill levels, and personality types. He became the head teacher and manager of the guitar department, organized recitals, and wrote the guitar curriculum for the school. After 5 years of teaching full-time at Bravo, Morgan moved on to start his own guitar teaching business. Since then, he has been teaching at multiple locations in Ogden, Layton, and the Morgan Valley. He currently teaches lessons at the Scotsman Center in Mountain Green, and at On Chord Academy in Layton. In addition to his experience teaching, Morgan has also been performing music consistently throughout the state of Utah and the Northwest for over 6 years, both as a solo act, and with bands such as the Highway Thieves, Emerall Pool, Brooke Macintosh, and Caleb and the Canvas. He has written and recorded 3 solo albums, and 3 albums with various other bands. His style ranges from folk, rock and blues, to jazz and classical.

Lesson Policies:


Tuition for guitar lessons will be $85 per month for 4 half an hour lessons. Payment methods may include: Paypal, Check, or Cash. Tuition is due the first week of every month, and an invoice will be sent out after the first lesson.


Make-up Lessons:

Make-up lessons can be scheduled for absent students, provided they give prior notice. Refunds will not be given for absent students. If Morgan is ever unable to make it to a lesson, a make-up lesson will be scheduled, or payment for that month will be adjusted accordingly.



Part of being a musician is learning how to perform music. Morgan will schedule recitals twice a year for students to perform their pieces. Parents will be notified at least one month in advance.


Practice Expectations:

Regular practice at home is essential to a student’s progress. Morgan will always encourage students to practice, and help them set weekly practice goals. A good starting goal for practice is 20 minutes per day, 5 days out of the week.



Each student is expected to bring their own guitar to their lesson. It does not matter whether they have an acoustic, electric, or classical guitar. Other recommended materials may include: a metronome, tuner, capo, and guitar picks. Morgan will provide most sheet music for his students, however, purchasing a lesson book may also be needed depending on the student’s level. In which case, Morgan will provide information on which lesson book will best fit the student.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact Morgan directly:

Cell phone: (435) - 695 - 5052

Email: morganthomasmusic@gmail.com



"Morgan has been the best thing to happen to my 14 year old guitarist. He inspires her to find who she wants to be as a musician. Rules don’t always apply, and the creative process is a process! Would recommend him to anyone seriously looking to play the guitar. He will bring out the passion I promise." - Andrea Barentsen

"My son began taking lessons from Mr. Thomas at Bravo Arts Academy as a brand new beginner student - 3.5 years ago. He was absolutely the perfect teacher for my 10 year old. He looked like the quintessential, mellow, rocker-dude (which was super cool and idyllic for my son) and was so knowledgeable and patient. He was always so good to work at a pace that was just perfect for my son and was very accommodating to play duets with him for his recitals - as this is what my son was most comfortable with. I would highly recommend him as a guitar teacher to ANY age student!" - Tamara Simon

"I worked with Morgan for 2 years and heard first hand from all of his students and their parents about how fantastic he is. A fantastic guitar teacher and person. 100% recommend him!" - Morgan Sewell

"Morgan taught guitar to my son for several years. Significantly improved in a short period of time with Morgan's instruction." - Dave Danens

"Morgan is an EXCELLENT guitar teacher!!! He is incredibly talented and exhibits kindness and patience with his students and really strives to do everything he can to help his students really understand the instrument and the soul of the music." - Tricia Gerrard

"Worked with Thomas teaching for years. True professional and professionally trained. Would recommend to anyone beginning to advanced." - Justin Hill